We are pleased to provide you with links to various websites related to export control, regulations, and trade compliance, as well as some common trade compliance acronyms.We strive to keep these links updated, and expect to grow the library to accommodate our clients and associates.Feel free to drop us a line at if you feel that we missed an important site!

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Selected Acronyms

AESAutomated Export System (USA)
AGAustralia Group (Multilateral)
ATAnti-Terrorism (USA)
BISBureau of Industry and Security (USA)
CBPUS Customs and Border Protection (USA)
CBPCustoms and Border Patrol (USA)
CBSACanada Border Services Agency (Canada)
CCATSCommodity Classification Automated Tracking System (USA)
CCLCommerce Control List (USA)
CETAComprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (Free Trade Agreement)
CGDControlled Goods Directorate (Canada)
CGPControlled Goods Program (Canada)
CJCommodity Jurisdiction (USA)
CSECommunications Security Establishment (Canada)
CSISCanadian Security Intelligence Service (Canada)
DCSDestination Control Statement (USA)
DDTCDirectorate of Defense Trade Controls (USA)
DODUS Department of Defense (USA)
DOJDepartment of Justice (Canada and the USA)
DPLDenied Persons List (USA)
DRDCDefence Research and Development Canada (Canada)
EARExport Administration Regulations (USA)
ECCNExport Classification Control Number (USA)
ECLExport Control List (Canada)
ECRExport Control Reform (USA)
EIPAExport and Import Permits Act (Canada)
GACGlobal Affairs Canada (Canada)
ITARInternational Traffic in Arms Regulations (USA)
MLAManufacturing Licence Agreement (USA)
MTCRMissile Technology Control Regime (Multilateral)
NAFTANorth American Free Trade Agreement ( (Free Trade Agreement)
NIAGNATO Industrial Advisory Group
NISPOMNational Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (USA)
NLRNo Licence Required (USA)
NSGNuclear Suppliers’ Group (Multilateral )
OFACOffice of Foreign Assets Control (USA)
PSPCPublic Services and Procurement Canada (Canada)
SDNSpecially Designated National (USA)
SMESignificant Military Equipment (USA)
TAATechnical Assistance Agreement (USA)
TPPTrans-Pacific Partnership (Free Trade Agreement)
TTCPTechnology Transfer Control Plan (USA)
USMCAUS-Mexico-Canada Agreement (Free Trade Agreement)
USMLUnited States Munitions List (USA)
VDVoluntary Disclosure (USA)
WAWassenaar Arrangement (Multilateral)