Export Control Compliance Courses


Canadian Export Control Primer

This short course introduces the concept of Export Controls for individuals who work in an environment impacted by export controls. As much as they may not have direct responsibilities related to exports, they do need to be made aware of their responsibility in avoiding any action that may breach export control laws.

Canadian Export Controls
Controlled Goods Program


The Controlled Goods Program (basics)

This course is designed for new employees and as a refresher on a yearly basis In order to understand the basics of the Controlled Goods Program and its responsibilities, and at the same time an introduction to ITAR controls – for Designated Officials and management team members, as well as middle management and clerical staff.


Canadian Export Control (Basics)

This course will provide the student with a general idea of how Canadian Export Controls work, what legislation related to it, and a basic understanding of what controlled goods are. Particularly important to provide knowledge within the organization that will accordingly help you avoid problems in the future.

Canadian Export Controls


US Export Controls From a Canadian Perspective

This advanced course is the first training of its kind to address U.S. export controls and how they apply in Canada as a result of the unique relationship that our countries have maintained since World War II in regards to the defense of the North American continent. Understand about the Canadian Exemptions contained in ITAR.


Export control and controlled goods - Executive course

A high level course designed for busy executives on the go, this will provide you with an overall understanding of what is required for the organization to be compliant with Export control, Controlled Goods, EAR and ITAR legislation, without going into the fine details that a practitioner would need. This is a one-lesson course in SCORM format, with a length of about 45 minutes, and while there are some teaser questions, responses are not graded