ENV119 REACH, SVHC, and SCIP Compliance for Articles

Welcome! You’ve enrolled in the course and are ready to discover what hides behind the REACH, SVHC, and SCIP acronyms. You want to know what is at stake and how to comply.

With this course, we will give you practical ways to verify your products. We will take examples in the industry, particularly in complex electrical and electronics equipment.

First, you will find out why such regulation exists in the European Union. Then, we will examine the different EU REACH obligations applicable to articles (goods). Next, we will focus on how to comply with REACH for articles. Finally, to go further, we will consider other applicable legal product requirements you may come across as well.
At the very end, this course includes a video summary and quiz to ensure the acquisition of the material.

Training Objectives

  • Gaining knowledge on REACH requirements applicable to electrical and electronic equipment (EEE)
  • Knowing the issues related to the REACH conformity of EEE
  • Identifying potential nonconformity requirements

Covered topics include:

  • Contextualization
  • History and Background
  • Purpose and Scope of REACH
  • Requirements about SVHCs
  • SCIP Notification
  • The Annex XVII
  • Recording
  • Sanctions for not Complying
  • How to Determine the Necessary Information for a Complex Product?
  • Possible Exemptions
  • Introduction to Other Applicable Legal Requirements

You will find various hyperlinks in blue throughout this course. Please click on them to get more details on important topics.

Prerequisite: No specific background is required here.

Duration: This course should take approximatively 5 hours.

Testing and certification: One short quiz with an 80% passing. Certification on completion to the student upon successful completion.

This is not an exhaustive presentation. This course provides basic information on EU REACH. It is based on the current understanding of Enviropass Expertise Inc. It is developed solely for information purposes and can not replace official legislation. It describes the situation concerning the EU REACH regulation.

For any questions that would not be covered by this course, please contact us.

Caveat: No part of the materials available through this course may be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated, or reduced to any electronic medium or machine-readable form, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Enviropass Expertise Inc. Any other reproduction in any form without the permission of this course is prohibited. All materials contained in this course may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published, or broadcast without the prior written permission of Enviropass Expertise Inc. (www.getenviropass.com).

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