Environmental Compliance Courses

Enviropass is an expert firm in environmental compliance. It was founded by Aurélien Hathout M. Env, AEC, a certified environmental auditor who holds a master’s degree in environment combined with a higher education in business administration from the University of Sherbrooke. Complete services are offered; from customized training to full support for environmental compliance requirements.
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Introduction to Product Environmental Compliance

Discover what the main product environmental requirements entail. You receive requests for product environmental compliance from third parties. Your suppliers also provide certificates, show logos, and various acronyms everywhere on their websites…The bottom line is: do the products you design, manufacture, sell, distribute, or import comply with every applicable legal obligation?


Everything you wanted to know on RoHS – Comprehensive Course

With this course, you will find practical ways to self-assess your electrical or electronic manufactured products, following well-recognized risk management principles. This will be accomplished by examining the history and evolution of RoHS components, considering two approaches for RoHS compliance evaluation, and learning about RoHS-like regulations across worldwide markets. Finally, this course includes a webinar and quiz to ensure acquisition of the material.

RoHS meaning


REACH, SVHC, and SCIP Compliance for Articles

With this course, we will give you practical ways to verify your products. We will take examples in the industry, particularly in complex electrical and electronics equipment.

First, you will find out why such regulation exists in the European Union. Then, we will examine the different EU REACH obligations applicable to articles (goods).

Next, we will focus on how to comply with REACH for articles. Finally, to go further, we will consider other applicable legal product requirements you may come across as well.

At the very end, this course includes a video summary and quiz to ensure the acquisition of the material


ISO 14001 How to get the certification

Whether you already have an environmental management system in place or not, this course is for you! You will find practical ways to implement an ISO 14001 management system.  You will find To-do-Lists at the end of most lessons. Follow them and be ready for the certification!

We will first present the current ISO 14001 version using a broad picture of environmental management systems (EMS). At this time, we will find out what is at stake.  Then, we will dig deeper on how to plan an EMS.  Next, we will focus on the main milestones of the ISO 14001 execution. Here, you will be equipped with some practical tools.  Afterward, we will see how to check your EMS and its performance.  Finally, you will see how to enhance your EMS through continual improvement.  This course will end with a quiz to ensure your understanding of the material.