TDG Online Training Class 6.2 - Air shipment of biological substances

Easy, fast and efficient online training recognized by Transport Canada, Transports Québec, the SAAQ and the DoT.

#1 Training Center in Canada

TDG BIO-105 transportation of dangerous goods training is the most popular biological substances for air transport course across Canada.

Recognized by Transport Canada

This TDG BIO-105 dangerous goods air shipment course for biological substances is recognized by Transport Canada and meets all IATA requirements.

Simple & Easy

Following our BIO-101 course, receive your TDG certification for air shipment of biological substances in less than an hour.

Training plan

Module 1: Introduction

This module will explain to the candidate the differences between ground and air shipments of biological substances. It explains the additional standards required by the IATA TDGR for packaging and package identification.

Module 2: Documentation

This module explains the how to complete the IATA dangerous goods declaration and air waybill for air transport.

BIO 105 Online Training Price

1 to 4

$ 29 per person

5 to 9

$ 26 PeR PERSOn

10 to 19



Exclusively for an individual who pays for his own training

For organizations that need to purchase one or more training.
The buyer’s account becomes the group manager.
An email address is required for each participant.

To the point TDG Training

Tired of incomprehensible terms and long-winded courses? We understand that most people who need online training are looking for simplicity and ease of understanding.

Course description

This training is particularly suited for shippers for ground transport of biological substances in full compliance with the latest TDGR, IATA and UN Recommendations requirements. This training includes the following topics:

  • Laws and regulations pertaining to the transport of dangerous goods;
  • Shipper and carrier responsibilities;
  • Classification of biological substances (categories A, B and exempt specimens);
  • Selection and use of packaging and labelling of packages;
  • Transport documents requirements (category A);
  • Placarding rules;
  • Loading / stowage;
  • Accidental release reports;

Why TDG Training

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations have been in effect in Canada since 1985. These regulations assign specific responsibilities to carriers, handlers and shippers.

Anyone handling, transporting or preparing shipments of dangerous goods must therefore undergo TDG training and obtain a training certificate renewable every three years for ground and 2 years for air transport or upon change of employer.

The candidate who successfully completes the course receives a certificate recognized by the competent authorities (Transport Canada, Transports Québec, SAAQ and the USDoT).

Our TDG courses are targeted on specific subjects in order to allow you to learn the essential concepts for your tasks while avoiding information overload and down time.

Join over 1 million workers

Persons shipping or transporting biological materials must undergo TDG training. Do not wait any longer to comply with the law and avoid fines! Purchase your training today.
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