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Easy, fast and efficient training that meets Transports Canada, Transports Québec and provincial DoT requirements.

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Our TDGR on-line training are among the most popular transportation of dangerous goods courses in Canada.


Our on-line TDGR courses meet TRANSPORTS CANADA, Transports Québec and the provincial DOT requirements.

Fast and Efficient

Our on-line TDG courses are recognized for their simplicity and the ease of training. Obtain your certification in less than 4 hours..

TDG-101 Training Plan

Module 1: Regulations and Responsibilities

This module will explain the various responsibilites and requirements outlined in the TDGR, as well as expose the candidate to the legal and training aspects

Module 2: Classification

After this module, the participant will be able to recognize the various classes of dangerous goods as well as the symbols, dangers associated with each one of these classes and divisions as well as the complete shipping descriptions.

Module 3: Transport Document

This module will familiarize the participant with the hazard communication contents of the shipping document as well as the acceptance procedure using our TDGR checklist.

Module 4: Packaging and identification

After successful completion of this module, the participant will be able to inspect various packages of dangerous goods in order to ensure they meet all hazard communication requirements.

Module 5: Placarding

After completing this module, the participant will have a clear understanding of the placarding requirements for classes 2 to 9.

Module 6: Transport Procedures

In this module the participant will learn the various transport procedures including, stowage, spill report requirements as well as specific provincial rules.

Cost of our TDG-101 on-line training

1 TO 9

$ 40 price per person

10 TO 4

$ 37 price PER PERSON

50 TO 9



$ 30 price PER PERSON

Exclusively used by individual purchasing a course for his/her own use.

Administrator account
Purchase of a single or multiple seats by a group administrator. 
An individual email will be required for each participant.

TDGR training made easy

You or your staff carry dangerous goods in the course of commerce?

Our 6-module TMD-101 (Carrier and Handler)on-line  training includes useful and easy-to-use compliance tools that will allow those involved in transportation to quickly and efficiently verify the shipments they transport and thus ensure compliance.  Learn the key elements of TDG to avoid delays, costly penalties and even vehicle seizures.

COURSE Description

This training is relevant for truckers or dangerous goodsl handlers who load and unload and / or transport dangerous goods (LTL or full load carriers). For shipper training (person who packs or prepares the transport document), see course TDG-201.


  • Legal and RTMD requirements;
  • The responsibilities of the carrier;
  • The 9 classes of dangerous goods and the associated symbols and risks;
  • The shipping document;
  • Verification of the required regulatory packaging;
  • Validation of the marking and labeling of packages;
  • Selection of the required plates with our guide for affixing plates and the danger plate;
  • The loading; reports in the event of a leak;
  • Provincial standards (tunnels and level crossings).


The Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations have been in effect in Canada since 1985. These regulations assign specific responsibilities to carriers, handlers and shippers.

Anyone handling, transporting or preparing shipments of dangerous goods must therefore follow TDGR training and obtain a training certificate renewable every three years or when changing employer.

The candidate who successfully completes the course receives a certificate that meets the requirements of Transport Canada, Transports Quebec, SAAQ and the DoT.

Our TDGR training courses are targeted on a specific subject in order to allow you to learn the concepts essential to your work while avoiding wasted time or unnecessary information overload.

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Regulations specify that any person who handles, offers for transport or transports dangerous goods must have appropriate training and hold a valid training certificate.

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