Introduction to product Environmental Compliance



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Discover what the main product environmental requirements entail. 

You receive requests for product environmental compliance from third parties (customers, governmental agencies, etc.).  Your suppliers also provide certificates, show logos, and various acronyms everywhere on their websites…

The bottom line is: do the products you design, manufacture, sell, distribute, or import comply with every applicable legal obligation?

This quest may be a little daunting or tedious to address.  Do all of these requirements actually apply to your products?  How to tackle them?

We offer this introductory course to help you navigate through these requests, and have a better understanding of what is at stake.

This won’t be an exhaustive presentation of all possible product environmental requirements. They are so many!  However, the main categories and requirements, especially in the electronics industry, will be presented.

Pre-requisite: No specific background is required here.

Testing and certification: One short quiz with a 75% passing. Certification on completion to the student upon successful completion.




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Learning Path

We are going to start this course with the biggest category, which covers the environmental requirements that directly impact physical hardware products.

Contrary to substances related obligations, this type of requirement is associated with the sales placed into a specific market.

An environmental management system, like ISO 14001, is a formal and practical structure to manage the environmental aspects of an organization’s products, activities, and services.

Here, you have the whole picture and can navigate through the product’s environmental compliance constellations.

About the author

Aury Hathout M. Env, CEA, is a certified environmental auditor and has a Master’s degree in Environment combined with graduate education in Business Administration from the University of Sherbrooke.

Since 2008, Aury provides practical consulting services, including environmental compliance and management systems auditing in multiple industrial and services sectors – various manufactures, petroleum equipment, construction, municipalities, etc.

He is especially responsible for the environmental compliance of hundreds of electrical and electronic products sold worldwide, with any the following requirements: RoHS, REACH, WEEE, Conflict Minerals, Prop. 65 etc.

Offered services include anything from customized training to full support of environmental compliance requirements.

Through his assessments, Aury is regularly in contact with over 2 500 of the most active manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors in the electronics field.

Aury also gives training, lectures (such as Chemical Watch) and teaches Environmental Auditing at the University of Sherbrooke.

www.getenviropass.com | ahathout@getenviropass.com